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Multiple site studies have been commissioned over the years; all have noted conditions that

undermine current operations and economic impact.

From the Strategic Advisory Group feasibility study, May 2014:

“Facility constraints have caused issues in booking events during

the year and, in the face of stiff competition, led to poor utilization

and financial performance.”


National Western Complex’s buildings and structures have been deemed in recent studies

to be technically and physically obsolete, with $100 million or more of deferred maintenance.


“It’s hard to imagine anyone other than ‘somewhat or very

dissatisfied.’ Unfortunately there has been inadequate investment in

these items for some time – deferred maintenance is a huge issue.”

— Stock Show Survey 2013

“Very out of date! The worst air

ventilation! You should all go to

visit the new Fort Worth facility!”

— Stock Show Survey 2013

“The pens are in terrible condition,

too few spaces to wash, very poor

lighting, and power outlets are


— Stock Show Survey 2013

“I think for the future of the show,

you need to renovate or rebuild.

Go to Omaha’s Ak-Sar-Ben Race

Track and Coliseum and notice

how clean everything is.”

— Stock Show Survey 2013



As noted by the Western Stock Show Association, some of the

challenges include:

• Facilities are not multi-purposed, limiting the ability to

book shows with varied requirements;

• Events Center has a dirt floor, which makes holding

concerts nearly impossible. Promoters do not like

carpet or dirt floors; concrete floors are the standard;

• Rigging demands in some facilities can’t be accommo-

dated; the best example is the Stadium Arena, where the

ceiling is unable to handle any weight load. This forces

promoters to stack speakers on the floor as part of their

event; many promoters will not book an act there for

that reason;

• Low ceiling heights;

• Limited electric and data hookups;

• Outdated heating and cooling systems;

• Small and slow passenger elevators;

• One freight elevator, which can only be accessed

from the barn area and

• Entrance and exit issues make it difficult to

manage foot traffic for multiple shows or load/

unload multiple shows and make adhering to

ADA policies very challenging;


“60% -70% of visitors agree – new or updated

facilities are very important to the future of the site”



SAG Report, p.36


City and County of Denver


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