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Amy Parsons, Vice President for University Operations and

Executive Vice Chancellor

Amy Parsons serves as Vice President for University Operations,

overseeing a number of administrative departments ranging

from the CSU Police Department to Training and Organizational

Development. Among other duties, Amy oversees many univer-

sity initiatives and programs such as Commitment to Campus,

Strategic Partnerships, the Public Safety Team and the Ripple

Effect. She also serves on the board of the INTO Joint Venture.

Amy most recently acted as Deputy General Counsel and Spe-

cial Assistant Attorney General before her appointment to her

current position.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science

from Colorado State University and her JD from the University of

Colorado, Boulder. Amy practiced in the area of commercial liti-

gation before joining CSU in 2004. Amy also serves as an Assis-

tant Professor in the School of Education, where she teaches

Higher Education Administration.

Jocelyn Hittle, Director, Denver Operational Initiatives

Jocelyn is primarily focused on CSU’s role in NWC redevelop-

ment and affiliated projects. She is working in collaboration with

the CSU community and in partnership with the NWC partners

to ensure the future site provides a year-round opportunity for

Colorado residents and visitors to take advantage of world-class

cultural events and educational and research opportunities. She

is also working to connect CSU and the NWC to the surrounding

communities and riverfront in ways that enhance this emerging

gateway to Denver and provide for innovative research, out-

reach and education.

Prior to joining CSU, Jocelyn was the Associate Director of

PlaceMatters, a national nonprofit think tank based in Denver

and focused on informed, inclusive decision-making in land

use, sustainability, and planning. She also previously worked for

the Orton Family Foundation and Sightline Institute on issues

around land use and planning and has experience in veterinary

medicine and biological field research. She has a degree in

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University and

a Master’s in Environmental Management from the Yale School

of Forestry and Environmental Studies.



Founded in 1900 by a group of Denver residents interested in

preserving the natural history of the Rocky Mountain region,

the Denver Museum of Nature & Science first opened to the

public in 1908. Since that time it has served over 80 million

visitors with temporary and permanent exhibitions, IMAX films,

and educational programs that include adult programs and field

trips, teacher professional development, children’s workshops,

and distance learning. The museum’s 15 Ph.D. curators conduct

research throughout the West and the world and oversee collec-

tions that number nearly 1.5 million objects. In 2013, the museum

served over 1.35 million people both onsite and offsite, a third of

whom were served for free or at reduced cost through scholar-

ships and a variety of free programs and passes.

Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, DMNS

utilizes the best professional practices in education, research,

exhibitry, and visitor services. The museum’s volunteer and

membership programs continue to lead the industry with over

1,700 volunteers and over 60,000 member households. The

museum sees in the National Western Center an opportunity to

further advance its mission to ignite our community’s passion

for nature and science.

George Sparks, President and CEO

George Sparks has been the President and CEO of the Denver

Museum of Nature & Science since November 2004. Prior

to that, he was a management consultant with NorthStone

Group in Louisville, Colorado. He spent 24 years in the elec-

tronics measurement business at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent

Technologies, a 1999 spin-off from HP. George was general

manager for several HP divisions from 1987 to 1999, eventually

leading a division of 1,800 people worldwide. His responsibil-

ities included marketing, sales, and general management of

global businesses in software, systems and services.

George’s passion is educational public policy, particularly

around STEAM (adding Arts to the traditional Science, Tech-

nology, Engineering and Math). George is currently working

with the Smithsonian Science Education Center to bring their

science curriculum to schools in Colorado. He is a member of

Colorado Concern and the Colorado Forum and serves on the

boards of the Denver Foundation, Colorado Legacy Founda-

tion, VISIT DENVER, Mountain States Employers Council, Rose

Community Foundation’s Education Committee, Denver Metro

Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Bright Beginnings (emeritus),

and the Public Education and Business Coalition (emeritus).

He is also on the United States Committee of the International

Council of Museums.


Established in 1879 as the State Historical Society, History

Colorado is an agency of the State of Colorado under the

Department of Higher Education and a 501(c)(3) charitable

organization. History Colorado offers public access to cultural

and heritage resources of Colorado, including statewide muse-

ums and special programs for individuals and families; collec-

tion stewardship of Colorado’s historic treasures; educational

resources for schools, students, and teachers; services related

to preservation, archaeology, and history; and the Stephen H.

Hart Research Library.

History Colorado’s statewide activities support tourism, historic

preservation, education and research related to Colorado’s

rich western history, offering the public unique opportunities to

interact with Colorado history through its network of museums,

which offer engaging exhibitions and special programs for

adults and children.

Through its education programs, HC works with schools across

the state to provide classrooms and teachers with important

resources and curriculum related to Colorado history and

offers local communities resources that help them to enrich

history-related community-based programs. The new History

Colorado Center, which opened in 2012, has won many state

and national awards from organizations such as the American

Association of Museums, The American Association of State

and Local History Museums, and the Smithsonian. It was named

by True West Magazine in 2013 as one of the top 10 “must see”

history museums in the United States..

Ed Nichols, President/CEO

Ed Nichols joined History Colorado in June 2007 and serves

as the organization’s President and CEO, as well as Colorado’s

State Historic Preservation Officer. He oversees 12 museums

and historic sites across the state, the Office of Archaeology

and Historic Preservation, the State Historical Fund, and the

Stephen H. Hart Library and Research Center, which is located

in the History Colorado Center.

Ed is a fourth-generation Coloradan with an MBA from North-

western University’s Kellogg School of Management. He has

an extensive background in business and community service

and has held numerous leadership positions on arts and edu-

cational nonprofit boards. His expertise also includes working

with large corporations and entrepreneurial initiatives, support-

ing fundraising efforts and implementing strategic planning for

nonprofit organizations.